This is a story...

Picture the scene. It's 2007, a fresh faced 19yr old is travelling around mid west America, eating his way through every chinese restaurant he could find, and loving life.

Hi, My name is Tom. I've been running this here little brand since the 2nd August 2007, and since then it's gone from strength to strength to strength.

Since I started Pandy Cane in 2007, we've released over 20 different tee shirt designs, a handful of hoodies, a whole range dedicated to saving the Panda, posters, beanies and a record label. and that's not even all of it. With a tonne of passion, a bit of luck and a hella lot of hard work, I'm proud to call this my baby, my brand, my real love.

This isn't an ordinary brand, we don't have almost naked girls wearing our clothes, and we don't sponsor hardcore bands. This is a family.


Ahh 2007, when we used to use myspace to tell people about our bands, or brands, or just ourselves.

Whilst I did toy with a few things in August and september of 2007, it wasn't until november that I printed the first Pandy Cane design. I had heard of the wonderful Cameron Steward (who's name will pop up quite a few times in this story) after he had done some work for a band that I liked, I can't remember who, but I imagine it was Tellison or someone of that caliber. Like the first time you do anything new, it was quite a an enlightening experience working with a professional artist. Payments, and print sizes, colours etc. And I hardly new anything about scene printing or the process of making a tee shirt. Back in those days it was really hard to get really large prints on tees, and our first was a just a small two colour print that went on just a few tees.

It had started

Bear With me, it takes ages to write things like this, and I'm probably packing orders or something